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The Biblical Answer For Mid Life Depression And Anxiety

Secrets are in reading and reading, until you read enough you will not know enough.
This article is an article that I wrote to help parents refocus at mid life.

Unfamiliar emotions can have negative effects on us at any age, but they hit at us with unique force at mid life.

As a husband, your  wife may want more time and fulfillment.

As a mother, you feel  hassled by your children's demand or sadly by your job coming to an end,  and working women wish they had more family time.

As a husband, you may be disappointed with your occupation, feel unhappy in your marriage, and you regretfully realize your kids are growing up with a shortage of their input and camaraderie.

In Psalm 102, the writer was suffering from negative emotions. In brief but painful graphic words, he spelled out the causes of his depression and anxiety - causes reminiscent of mid life.

Seven Facts About Mid Life Depression And Anxiety

1. Shortness of life. "My days disappear like smoke.... My life is passing swiftly as the evening shadows. I am withering like grass.....(God) has cut me down in middle life, shortening my days" (w. 3, 11, 23).

You try to resist the aging process and death, yet the sun rises and sets and you are another day older.

2. Poor Health: "My health is broken" (v. 3). By mid life, physical health becomes an increasing concern.

These are the years of heart attacks, diabetes, breast tumors, and prostate cancer.

In short, the body is beginning to fall apart.
3. Loss of appetite: It's a vicious cycle, loss of appetite causes depression and compounds problems that tend to increase anxiety and depression.

"My food is tasteless, and I have lost my appetite" (v. 4).

The writer was preoccupied with his problems.
Weight loss is common during great anxiety. The result is that"I am reduced to skin and bones" (v.5).

4. Loneliness: " I am like a vulture in a far off wilderness or like an owl alone in the desert.
I lie awake, lonely as a solitary sparrow on the roof" (vv. 6-7). Each of these describes a special kind of loneliness.

The vulture reminds us of detachment as death approaches.

We can easily picture the owl, alone and hooting from an isolated branch in the darkness of night.

The third bird is a "solitary sparrow" alone on the roof.

5. Mocked by Enemies. "My enemies taunt me day after day and cause at me" (v. 8).

Success brings a feeling of having arrived, but also an unmentioned fear that other people are for you to fail.

The higher you move up the ladder, the fewer people there are ahead of you, and the more people beneath you ready to take your place.

6. Loss poise, control, and stability: Picture the writer, sitting and weeping in mourning and utter humiliation.

He lifts a cup of water to his lips, and his tears drop into his cup.

He's a broken man with a life out of control. That's what mid life feels like.

7. Loss of opportunity: The psalmist contrasted his own fame with God's: "My life is passing swiftly as the evening shadows. I am withering like grass, while you. Lord, are a famous King forever.

Your name will endure to every generation" (vv. 11 - 12).

The person in mid life depression sees that life is coming to an end and feels that he or she has done nothing of significance: I am a passing, finite, frail, dying human who has accomplished nothing.

8. Impending Death: "He has  cut me down in middle life, shortening my days" (v. 23).
By mid life you begin to see death as imminent reality.

Days are numbered, and the focus switches from counting the years since birth to counting the years before death.

We naturally tend to reach out for solutions to depression and anxiety.

The difficulty is that some solutions are not effective.

Our problems do not have human answers.
You cannot lengthen your life, avoid death, in our own strength become famous, change the mind of an enemy, or eliminate a physical health problem.

But we can recognize, as did the psalmist, that God  is concerned for us and with us.

"He will listen to the prayers of the destitute for he is never too busy to heed their request" (v. 17).

You can find real help for depression by looking and laying the causes of your   depression at his feet. God knows our needs and he love us.

Deeper View on Mid life Depression And Anxiety:

The answer for mid life depression and anxiety is to all God to define who we should be and what we should be doing with our life. Read how the prophet Elijah went through this process (1 Kings 19).

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