Sunday, 24 September 2017

Right Age To Enroll Your Child Into The University

This article is a very vital one for Nigeria parents of nowadays to read and learn from.
I will be sharing with you with true life stories of Nigeria parents who sent their children to school at the wrong age and they paid for it.

Life is in phases and we shouldn't speed up our children's education because we want them to be better than their peers or because of our selfish ambitions.

A  false start at the Nursery stage, can be adjusted, at the Secondary stage, it can also be adjusted.

It will cost you a lot if you make the mistake of sending or enrolling your child into the university at the wrong age, especially here in Nigeria.

Nigerian universities are places where the common slogan like "Oyo" 'On Your Own' are used.

Imagine, enrolling your child who is still sixteen years old to the university where everyone preaches (Oyo) "On Your Own"; And you know very well that your child still feels insecure, lacks confidence and can't think or decide on his or her own.

Your question now may be "So, when is the right age to enroll my child into the university?

Let me tell you a true life story

Bill and Mrs Ojo had a very beautiful daughter after many years of waiting.

Becca was a very brilliant young lady, she was so intelligent that she got into Nursery at 1 year plus and into primary at 3 years plus, by the time she was 13 years plus she had passed WAEC, JAMB and was admitted into one of our state university.

She was celebrated even on television with both parents looking smug and almost bursting with pride.

At 16 years, Becca was murdered by another student.

Sad but true.

What happened? Plain and simple! Becca got into the university too early.

The university is a place where (Oyo) "On Your Own" is been preached.

Becca must have found herself meddling with more than her adolescent mind could cope with.

The pressure veered her into joining a female cult immediately she got into school.

She was too scared to tell her mum and dad and they in turn were too busy telling their friends about their wonder kid. She had no one to counsel her.

Are you still wondering why she joined the female cult?

This is Nigeria for crying out loud. A pretty young lady with a car on campus and a promising future?

She was meat for the cult hawks! Could Becca have done anything to stop this? Maybe, but I will say emphatically that without help from her parents or some other concerned party, Becca could never have been able to stand up to those Cult Hawks.

The young wonder kid had to battle too many issues at the same time.

The same TV that celebrated her like a celebrity announced her death which was a fall out of a clash between rival cult gangs in the university.

And you know what shocked and angered me most was her parents were completely unaware of what she was doing at school.

Feud's psychoanalytic theory implies that hormonal and biological changes that occur at  this stage of development (Mid-Puberty) have a direct effect on psychological outcome, leading the adolescent to an inevitable state of anxiety and conflict ( Peterson & Taylor, 1980)
At this stage of development, the young teen is very anxious to belong and  peer conscious, so you find them experimenting with new fashion trends and anything new that's going.

Often when they are suddenly thrust into a society we find them dabbling into drugs, alcoholism, cultism, unwanted pregnancies, abortions and all manner of vices.

Babies themselves, they are completely unable to handle the cold and frightfully independent environment of the university.

(Think of yourself back to your first few days in the university and you'll get the picture).

Why should  (Nigeria parents) not just let things take their natural course ? Why all the rush? Do you ever wonder why our children have to go through A-levels before they can get into universities abroad?

Do you know that the terminal age for high school should actually be 17 years?

Adolescence is the beginning of adulthood.

Start right and be rest assured that we will have well adjusted adults.

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