Sunday, 3 September 2017

Lessons From Jesus Christ As A Child Of Aging Parents

Besides Jesus, Mary and Joseph had at least eight children: Six boys and two girls.

Plenty to care for them in their old age, right?
Actually, it appears as if Mary  and Joseph's kids reneged on this important obligation.

Joseph probably died before Jesus began his ministry, but Mary was still around. And probably because Mary believed in Jesus and followed and supported him, Jesus' brothers left all the care of Mary to him.

They thought that Jesus was crazy and stayed away from him (and their mother) all during his public ministry.

That's why, when Jesus was dying on the cross, he had a brief conversation with John.

"She is your mother," Jesus said to him. John knew what he meant: I can no  longer take care of Mary, John. Will you do it for me?

It's no coincidence that Jesus asked John to do this. John was one of Jesus' closest friends.

Jesus knew He could count on him. He didn't give the job to just anybody.

There were no nursing homes, government agencies, or special programs for the needy in Jesus' day. When Jesus said to John, "She is your mother," he was giving the job to someone who would not let him down.

The issue is the same for us: What will do when our parents can no longer take care of themselves?

Two Lessons From Jesus As A Child Of Aging Parents

Adult children have a responsibility to care for their aging parents.

If aging  parents need someone to care for them, we need to answer the call.

Take good care of your parents if they cannot take good care of themselves.

Parents need their children. In the beginning, parents take care of children. But eventually the roles reverse.

Plan for it. As a child, Jesus obeyed his mother. As an adult, he arranged for her to be well cared for after he was gone.

That's how it should be.

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