Wednesday, 20 September 2017

10 Practical Tips For Christian Family Life

Family life is a  long term business and if not well managed; it results to disaster.

In managing your family you need adequate insight in the word of God.

Christian family life from a man's perspective. If you are christian father, this article is for you.

Basic Facts For Dad's

1. As father, your role in the family is very important, it is not just providing shelter and provision for the family, it goes beyond that.

2. The respect that your kids will have for you and your spouse will depend on the loving respect that you have for each other, no matter your defects.

That is, a husband's respect and affection towards his wife generally results in the children's respect and obedience towards her.

And a wife's obvious regard for her husbands character and moral leadership results in the children's holding him in high esteem.

3. Raising a family is an adventure. Like other great adventure, it has trial and setbacks,  times of debts and uncertainty, and moments of deep happiness and triumph.

Ten Practical Tips  For Christian Family Life.
1. Devotion: Pray together as a family; a family that prays together stays together.

Ensure that the whole family prays together at least once everyday.

2. Go to church together as a family: Don't go for one mass/service and the wife and children go for another.

Being with them  at mass/service affords you the opportunity to teach them and let them know that God is most important.
3.  Spend quality time with each of your children, because communication is very important. You can ask them to tell you how they  spent their day.

By doing this you are building an intimate relationship with them and they will tell you anything.

4. Vacation: Plan outings on weekend, go to the cinemas. Plan long vacation  together; you don't have to travel out of the country. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Jos, Shoprite e.t.c are places you can visit.

5. Assign House Chores: Everyone should have a  particular chore he or she takes care of every morning; no matter how small the chore is, that is one of the  way you can teach them to serve humanity.

6. Practice washing your car with your son, it is fun for him, remember you are his hero and idol.

7. Television: The television is a great means for information and entertainment with a lot of risk; you must monitor what your children watch.

Block all pornographic channels and also draw a time table for them. They shouldn't watch the TV always.

8. Internet: It is more like the TV, you should also block all pornographic websites on their computer or smartphone.

Note: The net is very  harmful for children.
9. Academics: Periodically, you should check their performances at school. Consult their teachers and ask them about your child's performance at school.

You should ask your children how they are treated by their teachers to prevent them from being abused.

10. Finally, your family is your season film, make every season interesting.

Raising your children to fear God is one of the greatest challenges we christian parents face today.

You can't force your children against their own will; but with prayers they will certainly change to love God.

In life the greatest reward for a christian family is to have a God fearing children.

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