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Natural Benefits Of Failure

Failure is my best friend, I love failing because it is a natural occurrence. It must happen.

Bouncing back from failure into success! I Ibe Tochukwu failed to succeed because I did not know I could succeed through  failures.

There is no such thing as waste. Waste is lack of revelation.

Dung  is not a "nice" word, but it is a wonderful fertilizer!

Failure is part of life; I have seen a  lot of failures, not just in my own life but in many lives.

What is Failure? Some questions related to moral failure: Where does it start? How does it start? What is the answer? At  what point does decay begin? Rottenness comes out of ripeness.

The rotten apple was once sweet  and mellow! What is the cause of failure? This is a question most Nigerian christians ask me daily.

This is an article about failure. It is written by a young Nigerian entrepreneur, blogger and athlete who knows what he is talking about.

It is written to failures by a young man who has failed.

Failure according to the Oxford Dictionary, is falling short, bankruptcy, coming to nothing, rejection, breaking down or, of course, the opposite of success.

True success is doing what I do to the glory of God and  is being faithful, rather than getting results. Success must be defined by God, and so also must failure.

True success demands that you extract the sting of fear out of failure.

Failure must become your friend to teach you rather than your enemy to destroy you!

A strong man defeats his enemy. A wise man uses his enemy. God is strong and God is wise!

Until you know what to do in your hour of failure you will always have an hour of failure!

It  is a life that leaves God out. Success is not in success.

As Kipling said, " If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat these two imposter just the same..." then you are on your way to true success.

The purpose of this article is to show you that failure is an essential part of success.

A success that has not climbed up the rungs of failure is an unknown quality! It can be blackmailed with the fear of failing.

Success that has attained the top of the ladder via the rungs of failure is true success, it has successfully used failure to arrive at its goal.

What a man believes rules him. He does not rule his believing. Your believing rules you!

Failure is not in failing. It is in your attitudes towards failure.

Here is a definition of failure that is not in the dictionary: A withdrawal of the grace of God on a certain given point in your life.

God has grace for sin, but none for pride which is worse.

You will never deal with sin by dealing with sin! Why? Because sin is a consequence and not a cause. I must get at the root, the cause!

You will never get rid of cobwebs by dusting cobwebs down, you must catch the spider.

Sin always comes of your unbelief. Your unbelief is always the expression of your pride or self glory. So, one, two, three.

Pride (One) which begets unbelief (Two), which produces sin(Three).

As  with fear, deal with fear and fear is still here! Fear is always built on a lie. Deal with lie and fear will die.

With every chain the devil binds you with, there's always one link that isn't real! Which one is that? The first! He is a liar from the beginning.

Examine the first link that binds you in failure and you will find you are believing a lie. It is not the truth!

The measure of your grace is the measure of your truth! So don't ask for more grace, embrace more truth!

The Way Out

You do not sin or fall because you are weak - else Jesus would be the biggest sinner of all because He said, "You fall or sin because God removes the grace that held you up! Why does God remove the grace?

Because man did not give Him the glory for it.
God has no grace for pride - God resist the proud.

Where is my pride? My pride is located  in my judgments which come out of my knowledge of good which I have obtained by  deliberately disobeying God in eating of the tree of knowledge of good and of evil in the hidden  man of the heart! I am  permitted to observe but not to judge.

What is the difference? I observe what you do. I do not know why you do it.

Therefore I must not judge you, unless God gives spiritual judgement not based on the tree. That's heavenly judgment! (Peter to Ananias: "Why has satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost?")

When you Judge, you father your failure! Thou that judgest DOEST the  same things! (Romans 2:2). You dig your  own grave when you judge!
As a boil indicates an unseen condition where the blood is out of order because of wrong diet, so your judgments reveal an unseen condition where your life is out of order through a wrong diet!

This wrong diet is eating of the tree instead of listening to the voice.

Your life is not by "bread alone" but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. Calories aren't everything!

In the natural, wrong diet produces disorder that affects the blood stream and you have boils filled with poison called pus!

You boils are an outward sign of an inward condition.

P-ride! U-nbelief! S-in! PUS! Behind your obvious sin is your unseen pride that has produced it.

The blood  of Jesus is the cleanser for your sin - not your pride! You must  humble yourself under the mighty hand of God!

Pride is defined as the treason of the creature against its creator. Its whole purpose, like Lucifer, is to reign and rule in the stead of God!

Regarding failure! You cannot keep your pride and ge rid of your sin! You problem will break only one way - PRIDE (1), UNBELIEF (2), SIN (3). One, two, three, NOT three, two, one.

The greater includes the lesser! The lesser does not include the greater. Finish dusting cobwebs and catch the spider!

A little poem I read Somewhere

I think  my life is a tame old duck
Dibbling around in the farmyard muck,
Fat and lazy with useless wings!
But sometimes when the north wings sings
And the wild ducks hurtle overhead,
Something stirs that was lost and dead.

And it cocks a wary and puzzled eye
And makes a feeble attempt to fly.

Its fairly content with the state it's in,

Useless wings! When the storm comes, all the birds cower and hide, but the eagle does not shelter from the storm; with a piercing scream, it flies into it and is lifted above it!

Other birds  flap up. The eagle mounts up! Isaiah 40:31 declared, "They that wait upon the Lord shall RENEW their strength - they shall MOUNT UP with wings as eagles!

My friends in failure, the wind of God has come to your crag.

Spread your wings and, as the spirit of truth blows, embrace the truth and rise on it, into the presence of God.

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