Monday, 7 August 2017

How Nigerians Can Find Direction through Vision Tips

Once you find out where you are and where you have been in life, you might find out that you need to change direction.

How can   Nigerians change their youthful direction? With your mouth 👄. It is with our mouth and the words that we speak.
They ultimately determine the youthful direction that our lives will take.

When I first started this dailygospelvibe, every day I would wake up 👆 and tell everybody that Dailygospelvibe is a youths, singles and parents christian blog, a charismatic teaching web platform, and we are reaching the world.
By doing this, I kept the vision in front of me and in front of everybody.

Some time ago some visitors asked one of our partner, "What is the primary mission of Dailygospelvibe?" He responded by saying, " I don't really know what all the categories of the blogs are, but what I do know is that Dailygospelvibe is a youths, singles, parents Christian blog, a charismatic teaching centre, and we are reaching the world.

He may not have been able to talk about the categories of dailygospelvibe, but he did know the vision of our blog.

Consider What You HEAR

What you hear will affect your vision, when I was playing for my club HeartD-mark fc. One time I was playing as an attacker In Ibadan, Oyo state. I had to face this old defender who was 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighed 255 pounds.

I only weighed 153 pounds. I kept hearing that he was slow.

My coach (Brownco) said that if I could get the ball ⚽ on my left foot first I would have the upper hand to dribble pass him.
All week long, my coach kept telling me that I could take him.

Finally the day arrived. When the other team lined up, I watched him on the practice field.

Just 30 minutes after the kick off when I received a pass from my team-mate, he approached me with full defensive force and tactically I dribbled him and recorded a goal.

The boy ran from me throughout the match.


Because what I had heard had produced an image in me that caused me to go and do.

On another occasion, I played against an old boy from Ibadan, Oyo state who went on to win a local championship. He was a defensive midfielder, quick and strong.

Other guys on the team told me, " He's so good that If you don't watch out he'll eat your lunch", I heard what they said and visioned it that way.

When I came out on the pitch that evening he ate my lunch.

Have A Big Vision

If you have a vision, I encourage you to make it big. Why should it be big? If it isn't big after a period of time you will lose interest in it.

Do you know that what happens to some Nigerian youths when they don't have a big  vision? They get whipped.

Do you know why more big teams like Chelsea fc get knocked off by mediocre team? Because they don't have a big enough vision.

How many times have you seen some little old team that doesn't amount too much come along and knock off a big team, and the big one just struggled to be victorious.


Because they never set a  big enough goal. What could they set that would be bigger than just beating small team? Having an undefeated season.

That is what Nigerian youths and other youths in different countries do all the time,  because they don't have a big enough vision, they don't really have anything to shoot for.

Somewhere along the way, if you have this small, little vision, you will be whipped because the devil 😈 has a vision of tearing you up.

Sometimes he will use people or frenemy to get at you.

They will tell you that you can't do this or that.

They will tell you,  "it can't be". Friend told me that I couldn't do half of the things I did.

As a matter of fact when I started blogging all I ever heard was, " you've never blogged before. How will you do it?" Well, every blogger has to start somewhere.

Some of you have been faced with circumstances that look insurmountable and people or frenemy tell you that it can't be done.

But if God has spoken it to your heart and you know that you know it will come to pass, then you can be sure that He will see you through regardless of what people may say or what the circumstances look like.

Be Realistic

My advice for Nigerian aspiring entrepreneurs,  bloggers, footballers, musicians, athletes " Do not enter into any venture until you have sufficient resources to see it through".

"Make yourself to see and to believe that it is my will".

Some youths may say, " I'm believing God for ten million oil wells. That's big alright, but it also happens to be unrealistic.

When you build a building, don't you count the cost? Some young aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs go into projects without sufficient faith and resources to see it through.

Why Have A Vision?

It will help you look pass your circumstances. Everyone faces circumstances. If you have a vision, it will help you keep on track because you can keep on looking to the vision.

It will come to pass according to your faith, not your fate, not your fortunes, not your feelings, friends or family but according to your faith.

I am reminded of a young Sailor on board on a sailing ship.

On his first trip out to sea, he found himself in the middle of a squall, the waves were high, and the boat was rocking.

Then the captain sent him word to shimmy up the pole and set the sails.

As he was going up, he looked down and saw the waves rolling. He got nauseated and thought he was going to faint and lose his grip on the rope.

About that time, an old sailor hollered up to him  and said, " Look up 👆, son. Look up." Instantly he obeyed that old sailor and look up. His stomach settled, and he was able to complete the job.

As long as he was looking in the wrong 👎 direction, he couldn't hang on.

Some of you  can't hang on right now because you are looking in the wrong direction.

You are in turmoil and don't know which way to go because you are looking down 👇.

When you look at the circumstances around you, the wind and the waves, you will faint.

When we take our eyes off Jesus, we begin to sink and we become unable to make it all the way.

When we focus on Jesus and the vision He has given us, w will receive  insight into the plan of God for our life and be able to look beyond our circumstances and move forward, to become mature, to be made real.

If you found this Article Helpful. Spread the good news.we have the Visio of reaching the world.

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