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Vision Tips For Nigerian Youths

Where there is no vision,  people perish; we perish and waste away our precious lives without direction and the source of light.

In other to have a powerful life, fulfilled career, successful startups; we nigerian youths must have a vision.
If you are a nigerian youth and you cant see yourself living a powerful life, you will never have one. If you cant see yourself being a success, you will never be one.

To have anything in life, healthy family, prosperous business, a loving mate, you need vision.
Vision can have many meanings? According to websters definition, it means something perceived in a trance, or supernaturally revealed. It can also be defined as a mental image, mental acuteness or keen forsight or a force of imagination.

Based on W.E Vine definition, there are three Greek words used in the Holy Bible for the word VISION.

1. Vision means that which is seen and denotes a spectacle, sight, or an apearance.

2. It means sense of sight.

3. Vision is derived from a verb which means to see, or coming into view.

Reference: Websters New World Dictionary; 3rd Ed.

So when we speak of the source of light it can carry a number of different meanings.
My definition of vision is "insight into the plan.
A Nigerian youth that does not plan his or herself well,  has planned to fail.

God has a plan for all of us, and it is important to find out what that plan is, but we all need insight, we all need vision.

There is a parallel between natural and supernatural vision. Just like some Nigerian youths are nearsighted physically. They care about themselves. They dont care about anybody else. The people in other country dont matter, and the people down the streets dont matter.

When a whole Nigerian Youths become nearsighted the nation becomes nothing more than a self centered youths.

Instead of being nearsighted,  we need to have God inspired vision and find out whats His plan, will and purpose is and pursue it.

Get A Good Vision Of Yourself

You need a good sense of sight of yourself. Many Nigerian youths dont have a good vision of themselves.

Stop seeing yourself as a worm or poor old me,"You better than that".

Study the word of God. When you hear the word of God, you will begin to see who you really are and a right image of yourself will begin to form inside of you.

The word of God is like a mirror that reflects how God sees you, not how you see yourself. 
Thats why you need to renew your mind with the word of God and with great inspirational books written by great ministers like TD JAKES.
when you do, you will be able to see yourself as God sees you.

Spiritual positioned, you are a brand new person, a success. An overcomer, a victorious one. You are more than a conqueror and able to do all things through christ. It is hard to keep feeling like a worm when you are hearing truths like these!

When Nigerian youths begin saying about themselves what the word of God says, it begins to paint Gods vision of them on the inside. But dont say it just once because faith comes by continual hearing.

Some youths say they dont see their self the way God sees them?  It is probably because they are not saying what God's word says about them.

I dont know about you, but i get a whole different picture of myself when i look in the word of God.

Your flesh will always want to look at your faults and shortcomings. But because of the vision the word of God has painted in your heart, your spirit man rises up, and you have a good vision of God and a good vision of yourself.
Get A Vision For Your Future

Knowing where you are going is a vital key to a successful youthful life.

In order for your life to move forward with purposeful direction, you must have a vision of your future and know where you are going.

Some Nigerian youths are going in circles saying, "i just dont know where i am at, "find out where you are and where you have been, and that will tell you where you are headed.

Lets look at a story i read about a scientific survey that was being done on processional caterpillars. According to this survey, you can line up these caterpillars, and they will just keep following the one in front of them.

One scientist lined up some of these caterpillars on the edge of a pot and prodded them to get them going in a circle around the pot, he put some pine needles.

They went a whole day and night, a second day and night, a third day and night, a fouth day and night, a fifth day and night, a sixth day and night, a seventh day and night and they fell dead out of exhaustion and hunger.
The whole time they were within three inches from their food, the pine needles.

What was their problem? They confused activity with accomplishment. They arent much different from many Nigerian youths i know who think that just because they are doing something, they are accomplishing. In reality, all they are doing is running in circles.

They are going round and round when what they need is within three inches of their nose.
Most of our Nigerian youths are like those caterpillars even you. You are always busy, but you are not getting anywhere.

What you need is a vision of your future. You dont need more to do. You need to have a vision of your future and make what you do count!

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