Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ten Attributes To Look For In A Good Counselor

Nowadays we have around us bunch of inexperienced counselors claiming they know it.

In seeking counsel you must be careful of the wisdom you seek and find wise people to serve as advisors.

Today, am going to show you the only ten characteristics to look for in a great counselor.

1.       A Good Counselor is honest to the core; you don’t want people to play games with you. You need a counselor who will be absolutely honest.

This is hard for most of us because we tend to select friends who make us feel good about ourselves.

We like to be complimented and supported. But those kinds of people tell little lies and untruths. It isn’t intentional, but it’s also not the kind of direct honesty you need in a counselor.

2.       You have to have a counselor with a consistent track record, you should like a person’s background, his history his previous employment, and his family life. You want someone who has been consistent in life and who will be consistent with you.

3.       You want to find a counselor who seeks the some kind of success you seek. That’s critical. If you and your counselor have different goals, and different visions of what constitutes success, you’ll blind up with bad advice. It’s best if you can find someone who shares your dream.

4.       A counselor has to have the knowledge you know you need; you’re looking for someone to fill the gaps of your knowledge.

Again the tendency here is to get close to people who share your knowledge base. It’s natural for us to avoid people who are knowledgeable in ways we aren’t.

       You have to overcome those tendencies and seek people who are strong in areas you aren’t.

5.       You want somebody who really cares about you. You’ve got to find somebody who really has your best interests’ heart.

You want someone who will stand by your side during the tough times. Those counselors are hard to find, but when found, they’re worth their weight in gold.

6.       You need someone who is willing to understand your personality. Each of us has quirks and idiosyncrasies. Thats what make us interesting. It’s also what makes us frustrating to other people. A good counselor is one who understands your personality and who mediates in situations where you are in conflict with other people.

7.       You need to look for a counselor who is practical, flexible and filled with common sense. A good counselor won’t get carried away by idealism and always has his feet on the ground.

          You need common sense to steer you away from the frivolous endeavors and to refocus you in productive, realistic directions.

8.       Look for a counselor with a positive bent; you need someone who looks at your dream believing it can be done.

          Someone who is consistently negative is someone who will make a bad counselor.

9.       You need someone who knows when to keep his or her mouth shut. Now, I don’t say that disrespectfully. What I mean is that good counselors don’t gossip. They don’t betray you trust. They don’t leak confidential information to other people.

10.     I believe you need a counselor who has a right relationship with God and a strong moral foundation. In this day and age, the roads of business and commerce are filled with the potholes of greed corruption. White collar crime has gotten a lot of press recently.

        I doubt that anyone intends at the state to do anything wrong or immoral.  It states with little ways of getting advantage action that are legal but maybe rightly unethical. It grows into something more and something illegal. It takes a strong person to avoid those holes in the road.

          A good counselor, one who will say to you sometimes, “That would work but would be wrong” is the kind of person you need around you.

                                    Time To Trust Your Own Judgment

According to cultural anthropology, there is a basic four step in trusting your own judgment. Am going to reveal that four strategic steps right away, read on and don’t forget to sign up to our weekly inspiring Newsletter.

1.       The first step is to trust your father

2.       The second step is to trust the men of your village in which you grow up and realize there are certain men in your village whose judgment you may trust  more than even your fathers judgment as you gain perspective on who your father really is.
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