Thursday, 20 July 2017

5 People To Listen And Take Advice From As A Youth

In Life you are permitted or advised to listen to five people and ignore the crowd if you really want to be a successful youth.

Five People to listen to:-

1.       Listen to God

2.       Listen to Yourself

3.       Listen to trusted family

4.       Listen to trusted friends

5.       Ignore the crowd.

1.       Listen to God: The bible is the only authority at the source of complete truth. The more you read the bible the more you learn about God, his view of your situation as a youth, and his values.

       Listen first of all to the truth of the bible instead of automatically going along with the crowd.

2.       Listen to Yourself: As a youth, father, mother you have an inner voice that tells you right from wrong most of the time. you know when you’re suppose to do or not do something. Listen to yourself far more than you listen to the crowd.

3.       Listen to Trusted Family and Friend: Not every acquaintance you have is a true friend. Occasionally there may even be a family member who is not genuinely concerned about your welfare. But for the most part, you have the ability to decide whom you can trust and listen to among you family members and friends.

          You know which one are the wisest and most balanced. Learn to listen to those people even when they don’t push their advice on you.

          I’ve often said,” The crowd can scream something at me, and I will still hear the whisper of a trusted family or friends.

4.       Ignore the Crowd” As a youth growing up, you don’t need the crowd. One of the dramatic realizations a youth comes to at about age twenty is – that his or her high school crowd tends to drift apart.

          Some go to school, some youth like you go into trade. The influential crowd that used to serve so important is scattered to the four corners of the earth.

          In one sense, as a young growing youth, you are left with yourself, God, and the mirror. Perhaps your closet friends keep in touch. But over time you realize the crowd really doesn’t have much interest in your long term wellbeing.

          On the other hand, you know that God and your trusted family and friends will continue to try to help you make decisions that will be best for you for the rest of your life.

          Every young growing youth who is a dreamer need a cheerleader? someone who keeps on encouraging you while you’re flying high.

        A youth who is a dreamer also needs a “tail on the kite”. A youth with no kite tail, no weights on the kite, and no string to hold it steady in high winds often dashes to the ground.

          Trusted advisors, people who ask the hard questions, are necessary for you as the dreamer.

          You need a lot of cheerleaders and a few critics in the beginning of your dream process, and more analysis and fewer cheerleader as the dream develops. But through the dreaming process you need a balance between cheerleaders and realists, and you must protect the dream by using these people wisely.
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